A little over a week ago, we turned a whopping ONE YEARS OLD! We forwent a celebration on the day itself in favour of something bigger, more fun, and more prehistoric…

That’s right—we’re celebrating our birthday by releasing an extra-special, dinosaur-based beer! Dinosaurs Will Die, the papaya and guava Gose I brewed with Marble Brewery back in 2018, was the beer that started this whole thing, so it felt only right that we did a re-brew of sorts.

Birthday Dinosaurs is an evolution of Dinosaurs Will Die, a papaya and guava Berliner Weisse that’s actually pink this time. With a ridiculously fun label, this is the perfect way to celebrate this tiny project going a full 12 months.

And what a year it’s been! The original aim was to brew one beer a month, totalling 12 beers across the first year. We actually brewed 27 beers with over 30 different collaborating partners in the UK, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and across America, with breweries big and small. The as-yet unconfirmed total of donations will be close to £25,000, benefiting charities across the world fighting a broad range of issues impacting the LGBTQ+ communities. It’s been an epic journey so far.

Absolutely none of this could have been achieved without the incredibly generous support of our Patreon subscribers. There is no other source of funding for the project, so every single pledge has meant the world, and, as I don’t pay myself for the work I do on this project, 100% of the money goes to running the project, brewing delicious beers with great people, and raising funds for incredibly important charities. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. To say thank you, all Patreon subscribers will be sent a discount code for the soon-to-be released new merch, and I’m also going to be popping a little something extra in the post, as a personal ‘thank you’ from myself.

To help us celebrate, we’d love for you to to snap a photo of yourself enjoying Birthday Dinosaurs, at 6PM on Friday the 8th, and post it on social media using the hashtag #BirthdayDinosaurs. We figured there’s enough going on on Instagram Live that you don’t need another livestream, but if you could share a beer and a photo, that would be amazing. We’re also asking people to fill this image in and share on social, to help look back at this crazy year.

FINALLY, we’re running a competition! Want to win a bunch of Birthday Dinos? We’re giving out prizes for the best birthday party thrown in honour of Queer Brewing. How much you get involved is up to you: from baking a dinosaur-themed cake to dressing up as a T-Rex for a day, anything goes. Just make sure you post a photo by midnight on Thursday using the hashtag #QueerBrewingParty. Winners will be announced on Friday evening!

To buy Birthday Dinosaurs (from Tuesday 5th May), please visit Marble's webshop here, or for trade, get in touch here.

That’s all for now! Thanks again for all of the support over this past year—it’s been incredible. Here’s to another, even queerer, year.

All the love in the world,

Lily xxx


When I launched The Queer Brewing Project at the end of April this year—a time that already feels impossibly far away—I couldn’t possibly imagine that the project would come so far in a matter of 8 (eight!) months. If you’ll allow me the indulgence, I’d like to take a moment to look at everything that’s happened in that short period of time, to recognise everyone who’s made it possible, and to take a look at what’s going on next year.

April saw the launch of Queer Royale, the project’s first collaboration; an oh-so-juicy blackcurrant pale ale brewed with Affinity Brew Co. The aim was to generate a huge buzz about the beer and get people talking about the project, and it worked: this beer poured at over 40 different venues on the launch night, and the excitement on social media was more than I could have hoped for.

The summer saw collaborations with Goose Island Brewpub Shoreditch, Northern Monk, Brick, Denmark’s People Like Us, Beatnikz Republic, and Florida’s 7venth Sun. Interestingly, all of these collaborations proved how geared towards seasonality my brewing mind is: each of these beers were light, easy drinking, and fruit forward—with the exception of the Brick collaboration Preferred Pronouns, each beer was fruited in some way.

In the autumn, I brewed with Austmann in Norway, and then Brewery Bhavana, Fifth Hammer, Big Rip, 2nd Shift, New Belgium, and Our Mutual Friend over in the US, in what was the most epic trip of my life. Not long after my return, I headed up to Saltaire to brew with Salt Beer Factory (FYI, Flavortown is still available!).

The past couple of months have seen a slightly less busy collaboration period, with one brew apiece in November and December, with Sean Ayling at Tom’s Tap and Brewhouse, and Mills Brewing in my home county.

Since the start of the project, I’ve brewed 17 collabs, just shy of two a month (which is double my initial target of 1 brew a month). Some of those beers are yet to be released, with three sitting happily in various barrels. Some sold out quickly, and were rebrewed, and some stuck around for a little longer. Some found their way across Europe (being tagged in Instagram posts by excited people drinking Queer Brewing beers in numerous other countries is truly one of the best feelings), and a few were poured only on site.

All of the beers meant a great deal: the space that these queer beers have taken up is considerable; the visible representation they (and the collaborations themselves) have provided is important; the money donated is both greatly need and hugely appreciated by the beneficiaries; and the response has been staggering. The messages of support the project has received, both from allies and people from the community it aims to support, and the visible support in the form of people wearing merch across the world, and photos of people loving the beers, has been nothing short of mindblowing. I can’t describe what it means to me.

At the time of writing, 6 of the 17 beers have raised roughly £5,600 for various charities—those are only the collaborations from which the proceeds have been donated. 11 beers are yet to be totted up. With a good number of collaborations already lined up for next year, my target for total donations in the first year of operation is £30,000, but I’m hoping to exceed that.

Speaking of next year: what’s next? Well, I’m looking to bring more people into the Queer Brewing fold (and increase the number of team members from one to, well, more than one). I’ll be thinking on strategy and talking to some knowledgeable folks early in 2020. I want to get more people involved in the brewing itself, to provide an opportunity for those interested in getting their hands dirty, and to see the inner workings of a brewery. I want to hold more events (including a big birthday party!), to further increase the reach of the project. I’ll also be attending Queer Brewing’s first ever festival: People Like Us’ Social Revolution By Beer festival, in Copenhagen. I’d also love to hear suggestions for where you want the project to go, or what you’d like to see it do—whether that be collab suggestions, merch ideas, or anything else. Let me know.

None of this could be achieved, however, without the support of so many people. I’d like to thank all of the Patreon supporters, without whom the project, quite literally, couldn’t exist: Gautam Bhatnagar; The Twelve Taps; Peter Burger; Jolly Good Beer; Rachel Thomas; Amber Dernulc; Bob Preece; Michelle Midwinter; Edwin Methu; Joe Hillyard; Edward Sharman; Timo Laak; Elisa Walsh; Hannah Davidson; Dani Neal; Tina Ambury; Charlotte Cook; Sarah Harding; Daniel Barrowcliffe; Andrew Clarke; Melissa Cole; Steve Rimington; Weiyu Chen; Bethany Baker; Chris Ward; Jon; Doreen Barber; Claire Bullen; Katy Holliday; Grace Robson; Matthew Curtis; Lewis Husbands; Ruvani de Silva; Katie Mather; Merlin Ward; Dianne Tanner; Nicci Peet; David Holden; Chris Norman; Logan Rockmore; Kaleigh Watterson; Philth D; Sarah Dunn; Sarah Wetherbee; Megan Armstrong; and Ewan Munro.

I’d like to thank each and every brewery I’ve worked with, for taking a risk, brewing some frankly delicious beer, and for donating to so many incredibly important causes. I’d like to thank all of my friends and industry peers who’ve offered support, an ear to bend, or encouragement—this year has been filled with anxiety, worry, and imposter syndrome, and your words kept the good ship Queer Brewing on a straight (lol) course. I’d like to thank my parents for their support and encouragement, even if a few of the beers weren’t quite to their taste, and my patient and long-suffering partner, Charlotte. Sorry about all the merch literally everywhere. Finally, thanks to everyone who’s poured or served beer, bought a pint or a can, or proudly worn merch. You’re amazing.

Here’s to next year!

Lily Waite

Founder of The Queer Brewing Project.


I’m incredibly excited to announce The Queer Brewing Project’s (coincidentally) seventh beer: a collaboration with Tampa, Florida’s 7venth Sun Brewery, which also happens to be the first US collaboration!

Earlier this year, I flew out to St Petersburg, Florida, to attend Good Beer Hunting’s Foeder For Thought symposium, experience Hunahpu’s Day, and catch up with some old friends. It was a whirlwind of a week, and included a whole load of drinking, thinking, and connections old and new. While I was there, I set the wheels in motion for a number of Queer Brewing collabs.

I’ve often said that the roots of this project can be traced back to my exhibition Dinosaurs Will Die in partnership with Marble Brewery, as part of Manchester Beer Week (MBW) 2018. The private view of the exhibition doubled up as the launch of our collaboration beer, and it was an incredibly memorable evening. A well-connected brewery, Marble had invited three women from the St Pete beer scene over for an event for MBW: Devon Kreps, founder of 7venth Sun Brewery; Kristy Wasniewski, of the amazing Independent Bar St Petersburg; and Valeria Niager, Communications Director at Green Bench Brewing Company. They all came along to the Dinosaurs Will Die launch, and that evening, they invited me to visit Florida. 9 months later, I found myself sitting in 7venth Sun’s taproom in Dunedin, a little while north of St Pete, with conspiring with Devon. An hour or so after that, this collaboration was born.

As with many of the beers brewed as part of this project, one of the main aims is approachability: we want anyone to be able to walk into a bar, pub, or taproom, and to be able to pick up one of our beers and enjoy it straight away. Often, the more approachable a beer, the more people can enjoy it; the more people can discover Queer Brewing, and the further a reach our message can have. With that in mind, LOVE is an easy-going, easy-drinking Grapefruit Pale Ale.

Thematically driven by Devon herself, LOVE is a beer to bring people together: “love is one of the best parts of living, so let’s share it with each other.” When everything feels divisive, love is a constant, regardless of difference, and as Devon writes, “we hope it will inspire you to raise a glass/befriend/open your heart/hear the story of someone who looks, talks, or loves differently than you.”

10% of the proceeds of LOVE will be donated to The Trevor Project, an American non-profit organisation that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth, as well as advocating for LGBTQ rights. Proceeds from the Tampa launch night, which is yet to be announced (but which sounds incredible) will also go to The Trevor Project.

We’re currently working on bringing a shipment of this beer over to the UK for limited distribution, and a launch night to live up to Tampa’s—please bear with us whilst we figure out logistics.

HUGE thanks to all involved in the making of this collaboration, including: Devon and the whole 7venth Sun team, Kristy Wasniewski for hosting me in St Pete, Jan Rogers and the Marble Brewery team for facilitating the trip, the project’s generous Patreon supporters who continue to make this possible, and everyone else who’s helped in any way.

Choose LOVE.

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