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Over a month ago, The Queer Brewing Project officially launched. Queer Royale was poured at 40 different venues across the country on the evening of the 26th April, and subsequently took over #BeerTwitter. It poured at the 46th Cambridge Beer Festival in mid-May, and at FyneFest this past weekend, both great festivals. We had a couple of hiccups in the process of the second batch, though that's now officially on its way. It'll be released shortly in 330ml cans, as well as a few more kegs, and even a few casks! By all accounts this batch is a little drier, a little fruitier, and a whole lot more delicious!

When I started the project, I was thinking of brewing roughly once a month. So fantastic and generous has the support been that this month, I’m looking at a minimum of 3 brews, with the likelihood of a 4th and possibly a 5th, taking place. Though May was a quiet month, with no brewing activity for a couple of reasons, The Queer Brewing Project is now decidedly kicking it up a notch, and brewing a lot of beer...

Today we're brewing a collaboration with the Goose Island brewpub in Shoreditch. We're brewing a super sessionable gooseberry Grisette, designed for sipping on long summer evenings in the heart of the city. We'll be launching that in around a month, with a launch party and fundraiser at the brewpub.

While some collaborations will be with modern beer superstars, and fan-favourite breweries with nationwide distribution, it’s still important to both consider locality and community, as well as reaching out to places beyond the beer ‘bubble’. The broader the reach of the project, the better—looking beyond die hard craft beer fans to newer audiences, such as city workers and tourists in Shoreditch (both a sizeable chunk of Goose Island Shoreditch’s crowd), will help to increase that reach, and further spread the project's message.

Over the course of June, we're also working with the mighty Northern Monk for the project's first collab outside of London, Deptford's Brick Brewery, working on something very special (more will be announced soon...), and the brilliant socially-focused People Like Us in Copenhagen.

The Queer Brewing Project is generously supported by a number of fine folks over on our Patreon. You can find out more about the perks of being a patron here. We’re still looking for sponsorship, and much of the project is self-funded by myself, so the Patreon support makes collaborations viable in terms of travel and other expenses. This project couldn't happen without that wonderful support. If you like what the project does and stands for, please do consider—any contributions makes a difference.

Now to make some more beer...

Lily x


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